Why we started World Exoskeleton day

When talking about exoskeletons, the first association people often have is with the military or sci-fi movies. While these associations are not particularly wrong, they overshadow the potential impact exoskeletons have. Due to continuous innovations, exoskeletons are shaping up to have an impact in the civilian world. Exoskeletons pose an alternative to traditional mobility-oriented assistive technologies (such as crutches and wheelchairs). In recent years the use of exoskeleton technology in rehabilitation programs have shown its relevance.


We are Project MARCH, a Dutch non-profit organisation, consisting of 28 yearly alternating full-time working students linked to the Technical University of Delft. Each year we develop and manufacture a new, improved exoskeleton for people with a spinal cord injury to enable them to stand up and walk again. Our vision is to grow each year, by passing on our acquired knowledge to future generations. In the same fashion, the responsibility of celebrating WED yearly will be taken up by our future teams.