World Exoskeleton Day

Stand up. Walk. Dare to go.

On the 2nd of May we celebrate the World Exoskeleton Day (W.E.D.). During this day we highlight different medical exoskeletons and how they improve the quality of life of people around the globe.

Edition 2 | MAY 2, 2024


What is World Exoskeleton Day?

During World Exoskeleton day we celebrate the immense progress which has been made in the field of exoskeleton technology the last few years. At the same time we wish to inspire and inform people who might not not be familiar with exoskeleton technology. By creating awareness about this subject, we want people to understand that this is not a concept from the distant future. Exoskeletons are already changing the lives of people, in particularly medical exoskeletons.

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About us

World Exoskeleton Day was founded in 2022 by 4 students from Project MARCH, a Dream Team from the TU Delft, based in the Netherlands. Working in this team, which produces exoskeletons for people with paraplegia while focussing on innovation, they wanted to increase the visibility and awareness of exoskeleton technology. Each year, the main organization of World Exoskeleton Day is taken over by members of the new Project MARCH team. 

Our vision is for World Exoskeleton Day to, one day, educate and showcase these technologies yearly all around the world