Project MARCH

Our team

Project MARCH is a non-profit student team founded in 2015. Our team consists of people from various backgrounds and years of studies. Every year a new group of students take up the challenge to innovate, build and test a completely new exoskeleton. We have build a strong community in which alumni help the team to complete all the challenges they face and make sure the team can push the technology each year to a new level. From this year on, Project MARCH is located in the Dream Hall on the TU Delft campus.
The Dream Hall strives to be an ecosystem around robotics which attracts the best researchers, multinationals, and startups and through that acts as a progressive role in the development of the next generation of robotics.


Our exoskeleton

As Project MARCH’s structure allows for the creation of a new exoskeleton each year, the goal of each year changes as well. Project MARCH VIII’s goal is to develop an entirely new exoskeleton, in which our pilot can walk without crutches. This means the exoskeleton balances itself. This goal would be a big milestone for the exoskeleton. This allows the pilot to use both its hands and thus improving the quality of life. This way, we want to take a step in the direction of the multi-year vision of Project MARCH and make our contribution to the development of groundbreaking biomechatronics technology.

What will we be doing on world exoskeleton day?

On World Exoskeleton Day we will be hosting an exoskeleton related pub quiz in the area of Delft. On top of that we will be organizing a seminar, elaborating on the need and improvements of exoskeleton technology.

The Current team of Project MARCH

Based in Delft, The Netherlands

Vision: “We want to improve the lives of people with a spinal cord injury by pushing exoskeleton technology.