Our team

We are realizing the promises of robotics to give ordinary lives to extraordinary people. To do this, we created Atalante, the walking exoskeleton that allows paraplegic or hemiplegic people to walk again. Used for rehabilitation in hospitals, Atalante is the first exoskeleton in the world that is self-balanced, allowing patients to walk without the need for crutches. With it, every day, patients stand up from a wheelchair and walk, in France, in Europe and now in the United-States. This extraordinary project is carried out by a team united around one ambition: to improve the daily life of people with reduced mobility. Each member of the Wanderteam brings this effervescence and this passion for what robotics can bring to people. From the center of Paris and New York, we cooperate with the best university laboratories and leading medical teams in Europe and the USA.

Our exoskeleton

Atalante X enables patients with severe gait impairment, including those
with upper extremity dysfunction or cognition challenges to stand up
and walk hands-free.

Some of the key features are:

  • Self-stabilising for hands-free movement
  • EarlyGait & ActiveBalance for early care
  • An active mode to increase intensity of treatment
  • Multi-directional locomotion for task orientation

What will we be doing on world exoskeleton day?

Create global awareness on exoskeletons and how they improve the quality of life for people with mobility impairments throughout pictures and videos

Based in Paris, France

Vision: “A paradigm changing technology that restores hope of getting back on one’s feet, starting today.”