Our team

Team Tendo consists of 6 passionate members with backgrounds in various
fields, such as engineering, product design, marketing and economics.

Tendo was founded by Sofie Woge, She got the idea for Tendo while doing her master thesis in collaboration with NASA in Houston. With advice from them, she worked on a robotic glove made to help astronauts operate in weightlessness but also train them to maintain their muscle strength. Realizing that this could also have the potential to help people on Earth, she started the company to develop a robotic glove to help people with, for example, spinal cord injuries.

Our exoskeleton

Our first product, Tendo OneGrip, is a hand exoskeleton, designed to assist a person to grip, hold and release objects by pulling artificial tendon – like a puppeteer. The product is controlled intuitively by smart sensors, and it’s specially made for people who struggle with everyday activities due to, for example, a spinal cord injury.

What will we be doing on world exoskeleton day?


Team Tendo

Based in Lund, Sweden

Vision: Helping people with a physical disability to regain independence, while addressing global healthcare challenges.