HIGHLIGHT: Project MARCH – Exoskeleton Pubquiz

Project MARCH, a student-led initiative from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, organized a pub quiz on World Exoskeleton Day to promote awareness and engagement about exoskeleton technology in a fun and interactive way. The event brought together students, researchers, and members of the community to test their knowledge about exoskeleton technology.

The pub quiz was held at City Cafe Delft and consisted of several rounds of questions, ranging from general knowledge about exoskeletons to specific technical details about the devices. The questions were designed to be fun, challenging and engaging, and participants were encouraged to work together to find the answers.

The event was a great success, with a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the night. Participants had a lot of fun learning about exoskeleton technology and testing their knowledge against others. The winning team received a prize and bragging rights, but everyone left with a deeper appreciation for the potential of exoskeletons.

The pub quiz was a creative way to engage the community in a conversation about exoskeleton technology and to promote awareness about its potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities or injuries. Project MARCH plans to continue organizing similar events in the future to keep the conversation going and to foster a sense of community around this exciting field.

Organized by Project MARCH