UPDATE: First Partner – GOGOA

We are thrilled to announce that Gogoa has joined as the first partner of Exoskeleton Day! Gogoa is a leading company in the field of exoskeletons, and we are excited to have them onboard as we celebrate the incredible advances in this technology.

Exoskeleton Day is a global event aimed at raising awareness about exoskeleton technology and its potential to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. It will be a day filled with informative talks, workshops, and interactive demonstrations of exoskeletons from leading companies in the industry.

With Gogoa’s support, we are confident that Exoskeleton Day will be a huge success, and we cannot wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks.

GOGOA is hosting an open house event in their Movex Living Lab during World Exoskeleton Day, providing visitors with the opportunity to witness the exoskeleton in action with real patients. Additionally, they will be showcasing success stories of individuals who have benefited from using their exoskeletons on their platforms. For more information check out their partner page!

Thank you, Gogoa, for being our first partner and for your ongoing commitment to advancing exoskeleton technology.

Organized by GOGOA Mobility Robots